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Happy Holidays Ya Filthy Animals!

[/vc_column_text][tlg_icons][tlg_icons_content icon=”ti-facebook” link=”url:%23||” hover=”hvr-push” size=”32″ spacer=”10″ title=”Facebook” color=”#ffffff”][tlg_icons_content icon=”ti-twitter” link=”url:%23||” hover=”hvr-push” size=”32″ spacer=”10″ title=”Twitter” color=”#ffffff”][tlg_icons_content icon=”ti-instagram” link=”url:%23||” hover=”hvr-push” size=”32″ spacer=”10″ title=”Instagram” color=”#ffffff”][/tlg_icons][vc_column_text]This December, Los Angeles is going to get a lot more festive and a whole lot more nostalgic! Starting December 1st. the most immersive holiday experience Hollywood has ever hosted is beginning.

Happy Holidays Ya Filthy Animals has created a fully-immersive experience inspired by some of the greatest and fan favorite fan holiday movies of all0time.  Patrons will enjoy free ie skating in our outfoor ice rink attached to our space.  You will walk through nostalgic sets inspired by the movies, a booby trap collage so you can learn how to defend your house, and photo opportunites in on of our three experience booths.  You will enjoy cusom cocktails such as the “Better Drink Your Ovaltine,” the “Filthy Animal” and the “Bad Santa.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]